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About the company

The group of companies “Academy of Interior” appeared on the Russian market in 1996 and held by right the leading position in the interior sector. Our main specific character – doors, sliding doors made of wood, glass and aluminium, of any form, size and configuration, of any style – from classics to modern and Hi Tech; diversified accessories – door handles, mechanisms of sliding etc. We also have our own construction subdivision and an architectural agency.


We deal with more than thirty manufacturers which are well-known not only in Russia and Italy but in many other countries of the world. These are recognized specialists producing high-quality goods in due time. As practice shows, customers willing to receive something extraordinary choose our company after long discussions because we have one distinguishing feature from the other companies in this sphere, which are connected with one or two factories and accordingly are limited of assortment and sizes.


We can always offer something that our competitors do not have, for we deal with a lot of factories: Hi tech and fully automatic ones, but also workshops, where carpenters skillfully shape by hand each detail of your future sliding panel. Indeed, very often while carrying out difficult orders we have to connect several factories with each other to produce something that no one of them can do itself.


We will be glad to offer you a wide choice of goods, manufactured by our partners according to your draft and your sizes. We have no limits, everything is possible for us, we will put into practice any of your ideas even those that seem unreal. Please, come to us – you will see and you will be convinced of that.


You can see an additional information about our goods and our activities in the sector “catalogue” and “forms of activities”.


The group of companies “Academy of Interior” is an exclusive supplier of more than 30 Italian factories producing doors, sliding panels, furniture, parquet, staircases etc. All goods are certificated. During the last three years more than 7 thousand of people have become our customers. You may find yourself among them as well if you order our goods through our catalogue. In the catalogue you can find detailed information about our goods.

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